A few weeks ago i started developing the AirlineSim, AirlineSim is a Airline simulator for Facebook, like Airline Manager, but dispite the two are apparently the same thing, there are fundamental differences in the way of how to “play” the game. While Airline Manager is focused on putting the aircraft to fly, AirlineSim is focused on administrating the airline, other big difference is the “timeline” that will be implemented in AirlineSim, if your company is in the year 1978, you can only buy aircraft that were sold in 1978. Other differences are:

  • Fleet renewalold aircraft require more maintenance, so the player must plan for the renewal of its fleet to continue profiting.
  • Contracts, catering, fuel, advertising, etc, everything will be done through contracts, longer contracts are more stable, but may come out more expensive, also cheaper companies will have worst service.
  • Buying or Leasing, the player will have the option to buy or lease, new and used aircrafts.
  • Aircraft flying automatically, there is no need to the player to keep putting plane to fly, once the route is set the plane will fly automatically.

For now is it, I’ll post more concepts and ideas during development. And for now my website is not avaible in english, but soon i will tanslate it.