Intel confirms that its first 10nm chips will roll out in H2 2017 – CPU – News –

Nvidia rumoured to show first Pascal GPU at GTC in April | KitGuru

Some Nvidia users report Blue Screen of Death crashes following update for GeForce driver (update) | GamesBeat | Games | by Jeff Grubb

Khronos has officially launched Vulkan 1.0 | KitGuru

Khronos Releases Vulkan 1.0 Specification – Khronos Group Press Release

Behold the NANDstrocity: Samsung now shipping monster 16TB SSD | ExtremeTech

Aerocool Dream Box is a $150 DIY PC chassis construction kit – Chassis – News –

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: on the edge of perfection | The Verge

First impressions of the LG G5: Light metal body, unique modular design, wide-angle capture | ZDNet

LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge –

The LG G5 and Galaxy S7 won’t support Android 6.0’s adoptable storage | Ars Technica

Samsung’s next smartwatch comes with an e-SIM

Raspberry Pi 3: features, price and release date (Wired UK)

Match 1 – Google DeepMind Challenge Match: Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo – YouTube

Amazon reverses ‘backward’ decision to remove encryption from Fire tablets | Technology | The Guardian

Yes, Ransomware Can Affect Macs Too

Microsoft delays Windows 10 Redstone update again | KitGuru

8K TV broadcasting coming to Japan during 2016 Olympics – CNET

Activision officially owns the maker of ‘Candy Crush Saga’

BioWare loses another storyteller as Cameron Harris steps down

Microsoft Cancels Fable Legends and Closes Lionhead Studios | WIRED

Windows Store games come with some pretty big limitations | KitGuru

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ hits consoles and PC on May 24

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Titans X com coolers customizados:,29189.html

Steam Controller entra em pré-venda, conheça tudo sobre essa novidade – TecMundo
First Steam Machines on sale from Alienware and Cyberpower – BBC News
Steam summer sale 2015 news, rumors update: leak suggests sale coming before end of June | Vine Reporter
Reembolsos Steam

Thermaltake Accused Of Stealing – New Computex Products Went Too Far – Legit Reviews

Samsung Leaks Reveal 4.8-inch Galaxy S6 Mini And 5.5-inch Galaxy S6 Plus – Forbes

G-SYNC – the Ultimate Gaming Display – Reaches Notebooks, New Monitors | NVIDIA Blog

Gigabyte Unveils Impressive Z170 Gaming G1 Motherboard Lineup – GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 Flagship With Hybrid Cooling

EVGA Shows Z170 Stinger, FTW, Classified Motherboards At Computex,29269.html

Intel Announces Thunderbolt 3 – Thunderbolt Meets USB (At Last)

Silverstone shows three new chassis and answers KitGuru’s questions | KitGuru

G.SKILL shows off Ripjaws PSU units, from 750W to 1250W

Corsair aims Bulldog DIY 4K Gaming PC at the living room – Systems – News –

Mechanized $2500 PC Case – InWin H-Tower – YouTube

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Neste vídeo o nano ensina para vocês como modificar a BIOS das placas de vídeo GTX 750/960/970/980 para habilitar o modo fanless, como nas novas placas da Asus e da Gigabyte.

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